About Us

Nestled amidst the coastal mountains and set alongside the turquoise waters of the Harrison River, lies Sandpiper Resort – the cornerstone of the Harrison Mills community.

Featuring British Columbia’s only 1920’s colonial-themed inn, an 18-hole waterfront golf course, Canada’s only certified Salmon Stronghold, and home to the world’s largest winter bald eagle gathering, it is these natural wonders that make Sandpiper Resort a gift that should be shared with everyone.

Sandpiper Resort and Keltic Development, working in conjunction with the Fraser Valley Regional District and neighbouring Indigenous communities, are committed to the stewardship of the natural environment while ensuring the preservation of the lands and wildlife that inhabit the area.

Our vision is to bring modern amenities into harmony with historical and environmental preservation. Keltic Development understands the privilege and responsibility we all bear while occupying these sacred lands and is partnering with local stakeholders to ensure we exceed expectations. Our oath is to uphold these responsibilities while enhancing the natural surroundings to improve the way of life for all residents and guests alike.

We invite community input, involvement, and connection through the process.

Our Commitment:

  • Preserve and protect the ecosystem and natural habitats of the bald eagles, salmon, and other wildlife by working alongside key stakeholders such as Indigenous communities & the Fraser Valley Regional District.
  • Work with organizations such as UC Davis & SeaDoc Society to educate the public about our local wildlife.
  • Provide accessible wildlife information to the public at the Bald Eagle Interpretive Centre – a space dedicated to bald eagle preservation.
  • Enhance the community by delivering modern amenities that create meaningful experiences for both residents and guests alike.
  • Provide low density housing options for seasonal and full-time residents.