Sandpiper Resort

Bald Eagle Viewing at its Finest

Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

Each November, thousands of visitors flock to Harrison Mills to attend the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival– an event that celebrates the beauty and biodiversity of the Harrison region by honouring the majestic Bald Eagle and the Cycle of the Salmon. Deep in the heart of ‘Sasquatch Country’, visitors will witness the WORLD’s LARGEST concentrated gathering of bald eagles. Why? The raptors are drawn to the area by the millions of spawning salmon that travel up the Fraser River to tributaries, such as the Harrison River.

The estuary is also home to incredible wildlife, such as trumpeter swans, ducks, seals, bears, coyotes, deer and the great white sturgeon. For thousands of years, the First Nation Peoples have lived harmoniously with the land and water; however, in present time, they work in collaboration with the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival where they welcome visitors and share the knowledge they have gained over the generations. Although, the festival began in 1995 and was one of the largest eagle gatherings, it wasn’t until recent global shifts that the eagles started to concentrate in larger numbers.

With the best views of the Harrison River, Sandpiper Resort has been designated a prime bald eagle viewing destination. While the eagle viewing is a wondrous, natural phenomenon, we encourage everyone to review this document and exercise Bald Eagle Etiquette.

Click here to visit the Hancock Wildlife Foundation Discussion Forum for Mr. and Mrs. Honeycomb, the Harrison Mills eagles in the Penthouse Nest at the Sandpiper Resort.

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