About The Pretty Family

As the story went…

The Pretty Family saga comes with so many twists and turns. Charles Nelson Pretty and Rowena Elizabeth Peters were married on October 10, 1917. Shortly after, they birthed four children – Charles Watson, Rowena Charlotte, James Ivan, and Elizabeth Anne (also known as Betty -Anne). Charles and Rowena chose to share a home in Vancouver, BC with Charles’ parents.

While residing in Vancouver, they were presented an opportunity to purchase a 160- acre parcel of land from a woman, Mrs. Jackson, who had lost her husband, but they allowed her to stay in her home for as long as she wished. The property had frontage on the Chehalis and Harrison Rivers extending out under the river for some distance. When Charles and Rowena decided to build a home on the property, they would travel by train from Vancouver to Harrison Mills and paddle by canoe to their home on the river!